Agent Grace

Connecting the dots in Asia Pacific

Based in Singapore, Agent Grace services companies with branding, marketing and business strategy with a purpose.

With comprehensive experience within the Asia Pacific region, Agent Grace is built with the understanding that brand integrity and cultural understanding is key to a successful business across the region. 

We serve our clients with in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific culture and create customised, creative and strategic planning for each segment of the region and sector to enter the market efficiently and effectively. 

With a particular focus on the South East Asian region, Agent Grace aims to put S.E.A on the map within the entrepreneurial and creative industries, reminding them that we are not mere dots around the equator. Agent Grace also works in creating a more vibrant creative economy and better eco-systems for entrepreneurs, change agents and creatives by connecting the dots across sectors, countries and cultures.

Agent Grace strongly believes in close client relationships and creating interactive, collaborative working environments that lead to success.


2014 Talent Unleashed Awards - Inspirational Leadership

2014 Talent Unleashed Awards - Inspirational Leadership

Who's Agent Grace?

Vision Chaser // Entrepreneur // Cultural Weaver // Speaker // Strategist

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Grace Clapham has lived in Asia for nearly 20 years and spent majority of her primary and high school years in Singapore before moving to live in South America, Australia and London. A graduate from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts, Media & Communications, Grace is a highly creative individual bringing a unique set of talents and her extensive connections across Asia Pacific. 

With a passion for inspiring young entrepreneurs and individuals to take action and make a change, Grace organises and is the co-founder of various eco-systems and communities within the Asia region.  Driven by a need to connect the dots, Grace Clapham is on a mission to foster and build the entrepreneurial and creative sectors across the APAC region, whilst building better cross-cultural understanding in everything she does.   

Grace is the Co-Founder of The Change School, Change and Secret {W} Business, Connector at Plus Social Good, Co-Organiser of CreativeMornings Singapore,  SheSays Singapore, Ambassador & Co-Curator of Deceler8 and a prior Lead Curator for TEDxSingapore Women 2010, 2012 and 2013.   She is also an Mentor at Hub Singapore working with the young startups in Singapore. 

In November 2013 Grace was chosen as one of 13 iconoclasts and recognised as a Visionary by the renowned Grey Goose brand and its dedicated Guild for her work.  In March 2014 Grace was chosen to speak at SXSW Interactive 2014 on Co-Creation By Design: Asia, Women and Innovation.  In July 2014, Grace won the "Inspirational Leadership" Award at the global Talent Unleashed Awards judged by Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak, beating over 600 entrants.

She loves to travel and meet new people, especially kick-ass entrepreneurs and changemakers.

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